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Play’n GO uncover the mysteries of the Aztec Gods

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20 June 2024 – Embark on a thrilling journey in Play'n GO’s latest jewel of a title, Temple of Tollan. Across the 7x7 grid, players delve into the depths of an ancient temple, guided by the Aztec deity Tezcatlipoca. 


In this brand-new grid slot, players assume the role of a brave adventurer exploring the gem sanctuary in search of Obsidian Stones. Imbued with the power to transform the grid into gold and riches, Tezcatlipoca’s generosity depends on how well players navigate the temple.  


Players can explore the mystique of Special Symbols, with each of them possessing one to three lives that diminish as winning clusters converge and take over. Furthermore, gamers can use the Cross symbol, which removes symbols in a cross pattern, upping potential. Equally, the formidable Destroy feature eliminates the most potent symbol to heighten the thrills. 


The winning streak doesn't end there. As players venture further into the Aztec Temple, players come face-to-face with the Multiplier and Transform features, where up to six Wilds aid their quest. Free Spins can dismantle five Special Symbols, revealing four Free Spins with Guaranteed Wins.  


Players can watch as Special Symbols persist during Free Spins – intensifying the excitement. Dare to conquer five more Special Symbols in a single spin? Gamers can earn additional rewards to prolong their adventure and seize Tezcatlipoca's riches once and for all... 


Artistically, Play’n GO fans may find Temple of Tollan reminiscent of classics like the mythological rainforest romp Rotiki (2022), the stone-filled grid slot Contact (2019) or the Tenochca-inspired Aztec Warrior Princess (2017). 


Games Ambassador at Play’n GO, Magnus Wallentin said:     

“Temple of Tollan is a testament to our commitment to delivering innovative and engaging gaming experiences. Thanks to the immersive Aztec theme and lush visuals, paired with Transforming Symbols and a dynamic grid layout, we’re sure players will love this.” 


Prepare for an unforgettable journey into the heart of the ancient Aztec civilisation in Temple of Tollan. With gemstones galore paired with Guaranteed Wins and Special Symbols, this title asserts itself as a future slot classic. 




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