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Rise of Olympus Origins – Game Review

Play’n GO invites players to ascend to the realm of the Gods in their latest slot review for Rise of Olympus Origins. As the third instalment in the ongoing saga, this 5x5 grid slot takes players on a mythological journey to experience the power and majesty of the Greek pantheon. 

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What’s the story? 


Before the Greek Gods came to power, the mighty Titans ruled the cosmos. These formidable beings, with control over elements like the Sun and time itself, were eventually overthrown by the Olympians. Zeus – alongside his siblings Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter, and Hestia – rose against their father Cronus and the Titans, ushering in a new era of divine rule across the land.  


Players are invited to step into this epic narrative, as they witness the forging of the tight bond between the three Olympian brothers Zeus, Hades and Poseidon, and their triumphs over the reels. Do you have what it takes to stand in the presence of these awe-inspiring beings? Read this slot review to gain some more insight into the awesome story and spellbinding features coded to this slot epic.  


Gameplay mechanics 


Rise of Olympus Origins is a 5x5 grid slot where players create winning clusters of symbols. Each spin offers the chance to trigger one of several divine features, enhancing win potential and value. The game’s intuitive design makes it accessible to new players and veteran slot enthusiasts. 



During the base game, whenever a winning cluster is created with Lower-Paying symbols, the Gods use their powers of Wild Creation to craft a Wild symbol from the ashes, in hopes of turning the tide of battle. This Wild symbol can then form more winning clusters as everything cascades into place, leading to potential big wins across the terrain. 

Rise of Olympus Origins screenshot

The Power of the Gods feature is triggered when three or more symbols depicting the Gods align, the power of that God may trigger. The more symbols in the winning cluster, the higher the activation chance, with five symbols guaranteeing the feature. 


Hades transforms all instances of a symbol into the next Highest-Paying symbol: possibly creating new winning clusters. Equally, Poseidon can establish several Wild symbols on the grid, embodying the aquatic power of the sea. Finally, Zeus zaps two sets of symbols off the grid, triggering a cascade that can make way for Higher-Paying symbols. 


Wrath of Olympus sees each win involving a mix of Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon adds to the charge meter. When fully charged, the Wrath of Olympus is unleashed, activating each of the God’s features from the Power of the Gods in order. 

Rise of Olympus Origins Free Spins screenshot

Free Spins are triggered by clearing the entire grid of symbols, excluding Wilds. Players receive ten Free Spins with all God features active. Clearing the grid again during Free Spins awards an Instant Prize, which can be won up to three times over.  


Meet the gods 



As the leader of the Olympian Gods, Zeus commands respect from mortals and deities. Known for his might and temper, invoking his anger (or any of his myriad emotions) can be perilous. Players would do well to stay on his good side. 



Ruler of the seas, rain clouds and storms – Poseidon is as unpredictable as the ocean current. His power can spell the end of any expedition, making him a force to be reckoned with. Sailors and players alike should tread (water) carefully in his presence. 



The stern God of the Underworld, Hades, has little time for his siblings’ egos. As the warden of the afterlife, he ensures spirits find their way across the River Styx. Despite his grim task, Hades is a just deity, treating everyone as fair as possible. 



Rise of Olympus Origins excels in the visual and auditory departments tenfold. The game’s artwork immerses players in the mythological world, featuring intricately designed symbols and depictions of mythological might as expected from the series at this point. The soundtrack complements the visuals, blending mystical tunes with subtle sounds of nature to enhance the immersive experience. 


Endgültiges Urteil 


Rise of Olympus Origins represents the upper echelon of online slots. It’s a narrative expansion of the Rise of Olympus IP, journeying back in time to chronicle the events before the first two titles. It’s a look into the mythological past, where players can witness the rise of the Olympian Gods, exploring how they came to wield the reel powers they demonstrated in the first title.  


With rich features, stunning design, and engaging gameplay, this title promises to captivate slot enthusiasts and fans of Greek mythology alike. Prepare to spin the grid and harness the divine powers of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades in this iGaming epic. 


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